February 15th 2019

Soggy bottom

When I point out poor kerning to friends or family, I often get the rolling of the eyes or a vague expression on their face.

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December 5th 2018

No creative person is an island

There is a saying that “no creative person is an island” and I would have to agree. High performance and creativity does not just simply pop into one’s mind.

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June 13th 2018

A life of their own? The brand mascot phenomenon

Characters just tend to stick in our heads, and help us remember information. This is the case from childhood, in fact (readers of a certain age may remember the Green Cross Code man, a public announcement character who helped us cross the road safely).

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May 22nd 2018

Are brands brave enough to back women’s sport?

The money invested in women’s sport sponsorship and branding still remains a small fraction of the overall spend.

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March 28th 2018

Eco-design and the 5 Ps

Marketers and business owners will know all about the marketing mix and the principle of the 4Ps (product, place, price and promotion). However, I suggest that we all need to urgently adopt a fifth 'P', Planet.

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March 15th 2018

The big print revival

Last week we saw the demise of the once-iconic music magazine, the NME. My 16-year- old Britpop loving self would have been devastated to lose her weekly fix of inky-fingered teenage rebellion, but in today’s publishing landscape this a sadly familiar story. Last year saw the last print edition of The Independent newspaper, while a host of other UK magazines have either folded or moved to online-only editions in the last few years.

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September 21st 2017

Typography with emotion

When people think of typography, more often than not, it still conjures an image of the printed page, static letterforms...

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September 18th 2017

Integrity has one of the shortest definitions of all: ‘honesty; incorruptibility’

If you consult your Oxford English Dictionary, you will find that 'integrity' has one of the shortest definitions of all - 'honesty; incorruptibility'. But what does that mean in practice?

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September 5th 2017

Where do great ideas come from?

I’m often asked where an idea came from or what the inspiration was behind a concept. There are plenty of theories, dare I say “ideas" , about the origin of ideas...

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August 30th 2017

Attention, interest, desire and… ACTION!

“You had my curiosity. But now you have my attention.” (Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie, Django Unchained, 2012)

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July 30th 2017

Innovation that changes lives

Innovation, by simply combining existing technology and functionality genuinely is changing lives...

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