Future Ready

Cogent Skills drives, develops and delivers the skills needs and ambitions of organisations, employers and individuals that use science and technology.

Collaborating at all levels to inform and influence skills – from schools, businesses, nuclear industry and military through to government – the Cogent Skills organisation was structured as a number of individual business units and membership groups, each separately marketing and selling their products and services to customers.

In 2021, we were tasked with developing a singular, differentiated brand proposition for Cogent Skills group and to clearly define the relationship between the business units in the minds of customers and members, positioning Cogent as the leading skills provider for organisations using science and technology today and facing the challenges of tomorrow.

The Answer

We carried out detailed, quantitative research with over 20 video interviews with customers and members across multiple sectors including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, FMCG, manufacturing, nuclear and government departments.

Working closely with the Cogent Skills team through a series of remote workshops, we explored and redefined the benefits provided to customers and members and created a unique, differentiated brand proposition.

We reshaped the brand architecture and created a tiered messaging platform for the business units and membership groups, influencing future communications and helping to maximise opportunities for cross-selling of skills services.

Skills needs are continually evolving as the world faces new challenges. This pace of change is unlocking exciting new opportunities across all sectors. Our moment of clarity was the realisation that Cogent Skills is uniquely positioned to equip everyone – from ambitious apprentices, innovative businesses and government decision makers – with what they need for the future by putting the right skills and capabilities in place today.

Through this process, Cogent Skills has a clearly defined, shared purpose – to ensure employers and individuals are Future Ready today and for whatever tomorrow brings.

The Outcome

Development is ongoing in 2022. Lucent has provided Cogent Skills with an exciting, engaging and visionary brand proposition for the marketing and sales teams to get behind, take ownership of and help drive the business and its customers forward.

Employers, individuals and members are able to fully understand the extent of the complete Cogent Skills offer, the services available to them and the benefits gained through engaging with leading expertise in skills for science and technology.